The One AM Radio

The One AM Radio

The One AM Radio is the musical project of Hrishikesh Hirway, a composer and songwriter from Los Angeles. The One AM Radio’s sound is often characterized by Hrishikesh’s lush, soothing vocals over dream-like instrumental arrangements. He does most of his own recording, playing several of the instruments and producing all the beats; the style borders electronica, folk, post-rock, chamber music, and ambient music. Live, he is joined by a changing line-up of accompanists.

Born in Massachusetts, Hrishikesh began The One AM Radio while a student at Yale University, where he studied art and film. Despite their sound, The One AM Radio has often played shows and released records within the DIY hardcore punk scene. Hirway’s family is from India, and in 2005, Hrishikesh moved to Mumbai to work on his music. He returned to Los Angeles in 2006.

The One AM Radio’s second album, “A Name Writ In Water,” was named by Time Out New York as one of the top 10 albums of 2004. A set of remixed tracks from that album was put out as an ep in January 2005, entitled “On the Shore of the Wide World.” The EP was the #1 download in iTunes’ electronic genre for 3 weeks upon its release, and stayed in the top 10 for another 3 weeks after that. The first track on the ep, a remix of “What You Gave Away” by alias, was licensed by Pontiac for a commercial that aired September 2006.

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Io invece vi propongo una traccia sentita stanotte su, tratta dal suo terzo album intitolato “This Too Will Pass”, pubblicato nel 2007 per Danger Records. Canzone semplice come ha scritto Giuditta. Ma bella davvero.

The One AM Radio – In The Time We’ve Got [mp3]

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